Epic of the Vampire; Canto 2- Serpentum

The fallen angel

once shone brighter than any

like a star at night.

A prince in heaven,

yet he was a mere servant.

Pride stiffened his knees.

He was created,

and yet he lived without end.

Then God created-

created humans.

Created for God’s pleasure,

raised above the gods

made to serve the God.

The morning star grew jealous,

hatred grew its roots,

clinging to his heart.

The gracious Father knew this,

his heart broke from pain.

In mercy he called

his glorious one to him,

wanting repentance,

knowing he would not.

In hatred, the angel cursed

the one who made him.

Cast from the heavens

his rage he turned on humans-

feeble creations,

yet reflecting God,

those who bear his own thumbprints.

He soon determined

the best revenge be

by marring that image borne.

Sly as a serpent,

he befriended man,

drawing him aside in dark,

to strike the death blow.

Death, too merciful,

everlasting life he gave,

one not worth living.

Unable to speak

the name of his creator,

the word burned his lips.

Cast from paradise,

the angel grasped mankind’s heel,

like Jacob he clung,

dragging him to Hell.

He offered the forbidden

as the drink of life.

Sin would sustain life,

eternal isolation

without any rest.

Gleeful in his wrong,

the fallen angel rejoiced

at what his hands made.

He had made man fall,

unable to call on God,

trapped in the darkness.

Victory was his.

The fallen angel rejoiced

in his wrongdoing.

He celebrated

his revenge over the Lord,

or that’s what he thought.

He brought the long night

over the face of mankind,

the shadows were long.

He laughed at God’s face,

the one who created him,

he turned his back on.

Epic of the Vampire; Canto 1- In Principio

In the beginning,

God created the heavens

and man walked the earth.

He gave life, substance,

breath and shape. He imparted

His image on man.

God loved creation,

tended it and sustained it,

giving his own son.

Among the angels

one grew jealous of mankind,

and hated them much.

He plotted revenge

against God’s favored people.

How to make them fall?

This wretched creature

had no creativity,

he could only change

the nature of man.

“Blood is used for atonement,

ambrosia, life blood.

It is blood I use

to humble this creation.

Forbidden to drink

this drink offering.

I decree they will partake,

to sustain in death

a half-life in dark.

They will feel nothing but cold,

for breath will not pass

between their foul lips.”

Thus saying, he took a man,

wrought the curse on him.

Not dead or alive,

he preyed on blood of his kin,

his friends he drank dry.

A monster, alone,

but when he drank, he could feel

the warmth of their flesh,

their closest held dreams.

For a moment he was man,

only as he drank.

Revolted, he stopped,

refused to drink mankind’s blood.

In a hateful rage

the jealous angel

sent him into a frenzy,

taking his free will,

making him a beast.

Villages he would ravage,

man, woman, and child-

none were safe from him.

Yet the monster craved a mate,

as the years were long

and he could not die.

“It is good for him to have

one to hold, like him.”

The jealous angel

took a woman and changed her,

making a partner.

Because they lived not,

a child’s life they could not make,

child of their own flesh,

to them was given

the power to make others,

their children of death.

The fallen angel

did this to make mockery

of his creator.

Epic of the Vampire; Introduction

There once was a time

when we lingered not in dark,

where shadows cloak us.

There was once a time

when we greeted the sunlight

warm on living flesh.

That time has since passed.

This tale is of creation,

of our creation.

Readers will know us,

of the legends and the myths,

they will give us name.

We are the vampires,

monsters, the drinkers of blood,

chastised with sacred.


I belong here,

yet I don’t.

This land is mine,

but it’s not.

I was born and bred

in this place I call my home.

This earth is my earth,

the rivers, my blood.

My family is from here,

they have worked this land,and now rest in it.

It’s a deep bond with the land,

one that will not break.

I belong here,

yet I don’t.

This land is mine,

but it’s not.

I’ve wandered from here,

living far away from my home land,

an ocean away.

Even now I plan

to leave my ancestral home,

the place they’re buried.

It is so easy

to leave this horrible place,

and not shed a tear.

I belong here,

yet I don’t.

This land is mine,

but it’s not.

Parting is easy,

and my return will be hard.

This place clings to me,

like cloying perfume.

I can see the whole wide world,

but this is my land.

I’m not like the others,

who will call this place their home.

I have never been.

I belong here,

yet I don’t.

This land is mine,

but it’s not.

It’s a small town here,

everyone knows each other.

But I am unknown.

High school and football,

District loyalties and beer,

these shape the culture.

I am a stranger

to this old fashioned culture.

We’re frozen in time.

I belong here,

yet I don’t.

This land is mine,

but it’s not.

This place is my home,

this place I claim as my own.

I’m proud of this land,

but also ashamed.

I doubt it will ever change,

this place I call home.

I may leave it here,

but I can always come back,

and nothing will change.


Lavish Love of Mine

Lavish love of mine

I dreamed of being yours, dear.

Lavish love of mine.

I want you to know,

You’re my sun and moon and stars,

lavish love of mine.

There’s no love richer

than the love we share, husband,

lavish love of mine.

There’s no love like ours

there’s no famous set of lovers,

who loved so truly, faithful,

lavish love of mine.

I will be yours, dear,

I promised to stand by you.

Lavish love of mine,

lavish love of mine,

I dreamed of being yours, dear,

lavish love of mine.


Love Poem

Whispers in the dark

The grand plans we make in dreams.

The weight of a ring

resting on my hand,

and another soon to join

as dreams are realized.

Go back to that place,

remove the miles between us,

to hold you again.

The night is peaceful,

as we lay here as one soul,

the weight of my head

resting on your chest.

As your one and only love,

as dreams are realized.




Crushing loneliness

as I wait for the text

that will never come.

Because I wanted

to be your number one.

Because I wanted

someone to support me.

This is why

I never ask for help.

When I most need someone,

no one answers my call.

I just want to know

you love me, you support me,

because I feel like

I am drowning,

going under.

I am a fool, a fool for you.

Don’t you see, don’t you know?