Kala’s Tale Culture



Del- unmarried woman

Desse- married woman

Dessel- widow*

Sol + title- Aunt/uncle

Melo- A title of respect applied to one older **

Do- unmarried man

Dosse- married man

Dossel- widower

* A widow will keep her deceased husband’s name, and this title goes after the last name

** You usually use only one name, first or last, with this title. EG- Melo Risec

Religion- They’re basically Christian. Nothing odd.


Titles- There are only a few titles used, as opposed to the numerous Kashum titles:

Ladro- Lord, or anyone above the speaker in rank

Daly- Lady, the female version of Ladro

Nirpsec- Princess

Ersig- King

Uknee- Queen

Religion- They have three main dieties:

1. The Heartless god. No clues on where he came from- diff stories say diff things. So far it runs something like this “It is said that once he chose to walk among the mortals he created, in the body of a man, out of care for them, but his heart broke every time he saw mortals hurt each other, or show any disrespect/loathing/hate to him. This went on for centuries, and finally he could take it no longer, and he cut out his heart. His mortal body, which ought to be dead, was sustained by his spirit long enough to seal his heart in a chest and hide it away in his temple. He then abandoned the body and moved into the Invisible Realms of the Spirit* (more later)
2. The Graceful Queen. Once a mortal prophetess, whom the Heartless god favored, he changed her from her celibate mortal form to a “demi-goddess” of sorts. She can never be a full goddess, but she is the Heartless one’s wife. He placed her in charge of the Realms of the Spirit. She is the judge of the deceased. She is the patron goddess of marriage, honesty, faithfulness, and all the good traits and those who love and possess the traits.
3. The Seductress. As a mortal woman, she found the chest with the still beating heart of the Heartless god, and used the black arts on it to summon him to her. Using her physical beauty and sorcery she bound him to a body and committed unspeakable acts with him, which bound him tighter to her. Then she destroyed her mortal body, releasing him from his physical bonds. However, because of the unspeakable acts she forced him to make her into a demi-goddess, like the Queen, to spare her the imminent punishment. She continually tries to seduce mortals and the Heartless one as well. She’s the patron goddess of thieves, prostitutes, gamblers, cheats, witches and sorcerers, etc.

There’s a monster, called the Tormentor. He was the most of evil of all humans that the Heartless one created, and at his death became a terrible monster. He would ravage man kind, feasting on their souls, living and dead until the Queen became spirit. She defeated and reigned in the Tormentor, and he now eats the souls of the evil, those who follow and worship the Seductress’s ways. If a soul is eaten, it is destroyed forever.

Unfortunately for the Tormentor, the Seductress takes care of her own. She hides them away in her own spirit realm, waiting for the most innocent of children to send the souls of evil people into. There’s always a race to fetch the departed souls of the Seductress’s people, and sometimes fierce battles between the Queen and the Seductress.

*The Invisible Realms of the Spirit have several divisions;
1. The Unseen Earthly Realm, which uncaught, un-judged souls walk. Demons (the evil souls) and angels (the good) are very active in this realm. Sometimes they interact with the mortals that are alive, but usually are found and judged before they can.
2. The Realm of Judgment is where found departed souls are brought and stay while the Queen judges her. The Tormentor is trapped in this realm.
3. The Realm of Peace is where those who weren’t eaten by the Tormentor go to rest. It’s perfection.
4. The Realm of Rebellion is where the Seductress hides her own.


Their army is highly organized and is trained in a Spartan manner. They are known for being viscous.

However, there’s a separate branch of “holy” assassins in the army. These are the children of all sorts of family, who are either seeking favor with their gods and the crown, paying a debt or crime off, or who think it would sound impressive to have one of their children in this branch.

The children who are enlisted have to be given to the assassins by the time they have turned three. They go through a harsh and strenuous training program, which includes an education in biology and healing, foreign languages, maths, and writing in addition to the mythologies and the holy rites of their gods, and fighting techniques.

Their fighting program is further divided into two or three branches that they are all trained in. The first and obvious branch is weapons and armed combat. The second is hand to hand combat. The third is long range combat.

Beyond that they are trained in the arts of stealth and disguise. By the time they have turned sixteen, they are expected to be nearly perfect in their varying training programs.

Each year, the children who have turned sixteen are brought to an appointed place and they are armed and told to incapacitate their other class members. The last five students surviving are then promoted to the top levels of the army, where they operate on the orders of both the army and the holy order.

If the holy order and the army’s orders conflict, this branch is to follow the orders of the holy order. Because of this, they are hated by many of the highest ranking commanders.

Please note that I will be adding to it more as I flesh out the cultures. 🙂