Now my heart is free-

It’s a soaring like a bird,

flying till I join the stars.

Guess that’s why I fell so hard and fast,

like a shooting star in the dark.

Come into my secret garden-

Don’t you see the blood red roses?

I painted them myself.

Guess that’s what will happen,

when you play with thorn bushes.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Aren’t I beautiful?


Hit the Bottom

It’s the strongest

who hurt the deepest

with wounds unseen.

It’s the highest

who fall hardest

from pedestals.

It’s the beauties

who are ugliest

on the inside.

Those we admire

are more broken

than we can see.

Dry your eyes now,

stand tall for me.

You are stronger,

more beautiful,

here with me now.

You are smarter

For being here

at rock bottom.