Rain Child

I am a rain child,

or a child of the rain.

When clouds roll over,

when heavens loose tears,

I become alive,

like flowers in spring,

dancing in the pain,

laughing in the dark,

washed clean by the dew.

I am filled with life

when storm clouds roll in.

I roll out my mat

when store fronts close down,

like stars I light up.

When sidewalks roll up,

I dance where they were.

I am a rain child,

or a child of the rain.


You’re like a waterfall-

All sustaining,

all consuming.

A roar of pure power-

Never ending,

never leaving.

You’re like a waterfall-

Your majesty

without an end.

You grace ever flowing-

Pouring, pounding,

ceaseless, drowning.

You’re controlled, chaotic-

So beautiful,

breathtaking love.

You’ve not forsaken me-

When I cry out,

my God, my God.

I’m taken by surprise-

By your splendor,

by my wonder.

More than I can resist-

Your mightiness,

your strong current.

You’re more than I can fight.