Morgan le Fay; The Truth: Intro

I sighed as I closed my eyes and relaxed, wondering how much longer I would live. For a year now, I had been hovering in this uncertainty, never knowing what the next day would hold, or if I would even live through the night. And who am I?
Some call me a witch, or a sorceress. To some, I am a traitor to the heroic king. But that is not who I am. I am Morgan Le Fey, the half-sister to the king, Arthur.
Am I a true sorceress? That is up to you to decide. I possess no magic, contrary to what most believe. However I am different, and have always been different.
This is my story, and may the Lord judge me as He sees fit. I lay the facts bare, unearthing my secrets after a long voyage. It has been a long life, mine, and it shall take some time to tell.Take a seat, my readers, and pay heed to my words, for I shall not repeat my tale.