VI4C Rules

Alright, so in several stories I have mentioned that there is a kind of code of conduct in the VI4C. Before now I haven’t really bothered to write anything up, so this is just what’s come to the top of my head.

1. No member will betray another member to the enemy. Penalty- the traitor will be treated as an enemy and killed.

2. No member will abandon the VI4C. Penalty- the former member will be treated as an enemy and security risk and be killed. *

3. The member may alter their uniform, but they must remain within these guidelines- no capes, no bright colors or glitter/sparkles, no¬†extravagant¬†additions. Nothing that may prevent the member from fighting. Penalty- the member’s uniform will be returned to original condition and the member will be fined.

4. All members uniforms must have gloves. No member may go on a mission without their gloves. This is to leave as little evidence as possible. Penalty- the member will be fined/placed under house arrest, depending on the severity of the circumstances.

5. Uniforms and weapons must be kept clean and ready for use at all times.


* Septi did away with the rules marked with the asterisk after she became the commander.

I will try to keep working on this, so please be patient with me! Suggestions are welcome!