You’re like a waterfall-

All sustaining,

all consuming.

A roar of pure power-

Never ending,

never leaving.

You’re like a waterfall-

Your majesty

without an end.

You grace ever flowing-

Pouring, pounding,

ceaseless, drowning.

You’re controlled, chaotic-

So beautiful,

breathtaking love.

You’ve not forsaken me-

When I cry out,

my God, my God.

I’m taken by surprise-

By your splendor,

by my wonder.

More than I can resist-

Your mightiness,

your strong current.

You’re more than I can fight.


My soul is heavy,

As I kneel here before you.

My burdens hold me,

My soul wants to fly,

My feet long to wander free.

Break these heavy chains.

Lift up my face Lord,

Allow me to join the dance.

Dry my eyes, daddy.

Soothe my broken heart,

Let me be as new again.

Restore what is lost.