Epic of the Vampire

Each canto consists of 71 lines, and holds a particular theme in the story. All titles are in Latin, for the curious among you. Although it is currently a work in progress, this piece is really a collection of shorter poems, telling a narrative. Be sure to check back periodically for updates!

When vampires became popular a few years back, thanks to Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, a host of fiction and folklore arose. Despite this plethora of myth and legend, some of it more fleshed out than others, none of them answer questions of spirituality, such as: Where did the first vampires come from? Can a vampire hold religious ideas? Can a vampire be “saved,” according to Christian tradition, when they are a complete abomination in the eyes of that religion?

Although this piece handles these themes, it is purely a work of fiction, and is not intended to be read as a piece of apologetics or theology. If you have questions about the veracity of these themes, or whether positions taken in this are orthodox, I strongly recommend talking to a member of the clergy or an elder in your local place of worship.