So, I never really liked this page. I know the purpose behind it (sharing information about the person responsible for the writing on this blog), but I never really knew what to say about myself. To fill the space on this page, I invented this spiel about my writing, which was rather silly, looking back on it. Now that I am several years older and wiser (Ha ha) I have decided to provide you with some information about the author.

My name is Katy, and I am a dreamer, writer (no kidding), and ordinary American gal. I enjoy reading murder mysteries, sci fi and fantasy, G.K. Chesterton’s theology writings, and am quite eclectic in my music and literature tastes (in case you couldn’t tell). There’s nothing like a cup of tea, chocolate and an old 50’s musical to relax me. I am a Christian, though I don’t believe that my characters all should live up to my personal standards. Besides, even though I hold these standards, I am human, so I’m not going to ever be perfect, myself. I firmly believe that sarcasm is one of the greatest things in all creation, and that it is something to be properly used. The study of the past is also of great interest to me, and I find that people really haven’t changed all that much over the last however many thousand years this planet we live on has existed, though our language, hygiene, clothing and tools have.

Do you have constructive critiques? Opinions? Thoughts? Questions? Please leave comments on what I can do to make this blog better! 🙂image(2)

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