Expressed so many ways

Shared by fam’ly, friends, lovers.

The same throughout time.


Found in discussion,

Seen in writings and photos.

A constant in time.


A comradary,

A desire to be closer,

To share one’s whole self.


To know someone’s worst,

And act like it matters not.

Peace, patience, grace, joy.


It builds up friendships,

Lays foundations for marriage,

Strengthens families.


Necessary, lacking.

Blinded by pain, lust, revenge.

Sorely sought after.


What does anyone want,

But to be loved and cherished,

Safe among loved ones?


Such a simple word,

Such a difficult lifestyle,

A truly hard choice.


~April 3, 2016~


Grow Up

If you’re a drama queen,

then cut the drama,

and stop hurting those who care.

Stop hurting your friends.

If it’s attention you want,

then don’t you look here.

You need to back off, grow up,

figure out your life,

who you are and who you’ll be.

Stop hurting your friends,

like you do when you hurt you.

Stop ignoring her,

she’s love you and will love you.

Don’t you see her tears?

We know that you say one thing,

but do another.

Cut the drama, grow up, back off,

be honest with us.

Did you know that you scare her,

when you hurt yourself?

This is much bigger than you.

Why don’t you grow up?