Canto III- Formata Muliere

The serpent’s one wish

Was to share his punishment,

so he trapped the man.

And yet, as time passed,

Man fought the monstrosity-

he resisted it,

stopped drinking the blood

of all of humanity.

Remorse coursed through him,

he fled from mankind,

he isolated himself

in the mountains cold.

Like an animal

hunger drove him to madness

and he lost control.

He fed on man’s flesh,

yet he knew not what he did,

broken by the curse.

Thirst satiated,

he realized his new nature,

and despaired of death.

The darkness took him

and he gave himself over

to depravity.

The evil one saw-

content with his workmanship,

yet longing for more,

he searched for new ways

to scorn the Almighty One.


he mimed creation,

took a woman, transformed her,

gave her to the man

to become his wife,

stay by his side to the end,

like Adam and Eve,

walking in Eden.

They wandered the countryside,

searching for safety,

for word had traveled

of unholy blood drinkers,

monsters, murderers.

Hunters were hunted,

mobs came for them with pitchforks,

weapons and torches.

They were feared, hated.

They fled into the darkness,

became part of it.

They were haunted by

all they had lost in the curse;

light and safe haven.

Highest mockery,

every detail Satan set,

merely mimicry,

meant to scorn the Lord-

how the favored had fallen!

The vampires fled

into the mountains,

the Transylvanian forests.

They built their own home,

stone by stone they built

a fortress in the hillside,

a place they could hide.

They built a legion

of followers when they fed,

stealing them away.

The legends grew up

around the inhabitants

of the dark castle,

as man and wife lived on,

unable to die.