Do you really think its a torture

when you avoid me for no reason?

Do you really think that you’re God’s gift

and it will hurt me to withhold you?

I’m done with the passive aggressive

games that you play with the whole wide world.

Find a new target, I’m done with this,

I’m done being shot at for the thrill.

I’m done trying to play mind reader,

to figure out what I did wrong now.

You used to be able to hurt me,

but I’m fed up with you and your games.

Go find someone else’s heart to cut.

Mine is no longer there for your games.

Why don’t you grow up and grow a spine?

You can’t play the victim forever.


Battle Wounds

No matter how much time,

nor how much healing,

I still feel the scars,

like it was yesterday they were opened

by your hands.

Aren’t you proud of your work?

Don’t you admire the lacerations?

Some days I feel them more,

some days it’s like they’re not there.

Some days I carry the weight of the world,

some days I’m light and free.

Some days I think about you,

some days you haunt me.

My soul is restless, my body sore.

There’s only so much I can take,

and I wonder about you,

why you do this.

Do you like the pain?

Does it make you feel better,

to see me like this?

Does it make you feel big,

to make me so small?

I cared for you,

and you cut me.

I cared for you,

and you destroyed me.

I cared for you,

I cared for you!

Why don’t you see that?

What’s blinded you to that?

Who’s whispering in your ear?

I surrender.

I give up.

I can’t do this.

I’m not fighting.

I’m done.

Why don’t you see, the war’s over,

like there was a war to start with.

Here I stand in the end with my battle wounds.