A Poem for my Husband

Your kisses always taste sweet to me.

Your skin feels like my favorite dress-

smooth and warm where it touches my skin.

Us fighting is exhilarating-

thunder and lightning and pounding rain.

Making up with you after the fight

is like a fresh, new dewy morning.

I adore waking up beside you,

listening to your gentle breathing.

My husband, my love, my life, my world,

what we have is something valuable,

it can’t be bought, or sold, or traded,

to others its completely worthless.

You can’t put a price on the mornings

I watch you get dressed from our warm bed.

My dear husband, know that I love you,

now and forever, with my whole heart.

I am yours, husband, and you are mine.

~May 2, 2016~13239198_10209899861118356_7725521178370482228_n


The world at 6:30

is a different place.

The night’s hush hasn’t gone,

but the sins of the dark have.

One by one, lights turn on,

scattered cars pass the homes.

The world at 6:30

is a different place.

Sleepy commuters leave,

as the darkness departs.

The humid night lingers,

the crowd for the bus grows.

The only world at 6:30

is a different place.