Now my heart is free-

It’s a soaring like a bird,

flying till I join the stars.

Guess that’s why I fell so hard and fast,

like a shooting star in the dark.

Come into my secret garden-

Don’t you see the blood red roses?

I painted them myself.

Guess that’s what will happen,

when you play with thorn bushes.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Aren’t I beautiful?


Ragged Edges

The ragged edges of my heart

have begun to heal over.

There was a time they were smoother,

Like a polished glass heart.

But then my heart was broken,

completely smashed,

utterly destroyed.

I cut myself picking it up,

Trying to put it back together.

But superglue and scotch tape

won’t bring it back together.

Holding my heart now,

I see the rough spots.

But time has worn away the sharpness,

and it no longer cuts me.

I still see the ragged edges,

but they are healing over.


Don’t Promise Me Forever

Don’t promise me forever

if you can’t carry it out.

Don’t promise me forever,

’cause the ones who do leave me.

Don’t promise me forever

if you don’t intend to stay.

Don’t promise me forever,

just try to be there for me?

Don’t promise me forever,

my heart can’t take anymore.

Don’t promise me forever,

please try to be here with me?

Don’t promise me forever

if you’re only gonna leave.