When did I become
just the sum of my body,
my breasts, bum and legs?

I grew up hearing,
“Cover up, respect yourself.”
Sexualized me.

I grew up hearing,
“That shirt is too revealing,
that skirt far too short.”

My body caused lust,
I was as sinful as Eve,
tempting every man.

I started to hear,
“It’s normal to sleep around”
on the radio.

I started to hear,
“Sex is how we define you,
by who you are with.”

“You should be this girl,
This liberated woman,
a smold’ring temptress.”

Both sides worship sex,
I’m just another body
for viewing pleasure.

Both say I’m the sum
of long hairless, curving legs
and a flat tummy.

Both sides demean me,
Deny the rest of myself.
They see just body.

I am more than this!
There’s a person inside me,
more than a body.



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