VI4C Classifications

Commander- The leader of the VI4C. The one person with this title has the responsibility of the whole of the VI4C (paying the bills, planning missions, setting security, working out housing arrangements, ensuring the members safety, enforcing rules, etc.)

Deptuty- The second highest in the chain of command. They help the Commander with their tasks, and if anything happens to the Commander, this person will become their successor.

Information/Strategists- Those who gather intelligence on the enemy and possible recruits, and create possible plans of action. They then put their ideas forward to the Commander.

Kidnappers- This classification isn’t used much. Those who have this classification are trained to kidnap and to steal. Stealthy and careful, they don’t fight often, but they are trained in combat. They report to the Commander.

Fighters- The most common classification. Those who are trained to fight, but have no special gifts fall into this classification. They are often used on missions as backup for kidnappers, for guards and/or the soldiers of the VI4C.


There were originally several other possitions, which I have listed below, but are not given much to do-

Weapons Mistress/Master



I figured that this would help the reader to understand the set up of the VI4C a little better.


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