Sit Down If

Sit down if you’re alone,

sit down if you’re hurting.

You know who you are,

why are you still standing?

Sit down if you hate them,

sit down if you aren’t loved.

So come on and face it,

I’m talking to you.

Sit down if you are cruel,

sit down if you are mean.

You need to leave them be,

you need to grow up.

So you think you’re all that,

that you’re so tough and cool,

when you tear them to shreds,

when you leave them bleeding.

So sit down, sit down, sit down.

I’m talking to you.



2 thoughts on “Sit Down If

    1. Really? That’s awesome.
      Actually, I based it off of a game we play a lot. It’s called Sit Down If. There’s one person calling things like “sit down if you’re wearing blue jeans”. If it applies to you, then you have to sit down. But that’s good to know.

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