The Truth

Don't know why this is,
don't know when this all happened.
My heart has been crushed
(you'll not see me cry
and never hear me complain).
I'll keep my mouth shut
so you'll never know.
I won't ask for it-
not praise, not admiration-
so you can't fake it.
Seal my lips tightly
no matter the price I pay
'cause I want the truth.
Don't want your sweet words
I don't want the accolades.
It's the truth I want.
Can't speak kindly?
Then you shouldn't speak at all.
But over all this
I just want the truth.
Can't you just tell me the truth?
Love me or hate me,
why can't I know it?
Why won't you tell me the truth?
And how my heart aches,
how my heart longs now,
to know where you stand in this.
You have crushed my heart.

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