What You’ve Lost

I’ve lost everything but these-

my God, my life and my pride.

You keep hurting me. What for?

What do you gain by doing this?

When will you see what you’ve lost?

This is what I don’t,  won’t, can’t say-

these are the tears you won’t see.

There are too many to count,

so many are behind us.

I cried an ocean that you won’t see.

I prayed, hoping things would change,

but they never did and never will.

I made so many excuses,

I told myself so many lies,

and nothing ever changes.

Now our friendship is in tatters.

You’re oblivious as ever-

you don’t see the damage or hurt.

How can you be so blindly cruel?

and when will you see what you’ve lost?



9 thoughts on “What You’ve Lost

      1. I have thought about it, actually, but I haven’t for several reasons. One, the popular publishers won’t take unpublished authors without agents. I don’t have an agent. Two, I don’t have enough poems for a book yet anyhow. Three, some of them are really kinda personal. Most of them I did post, but every so often, there’s one that I can’t share with the world. 🙂

      1. Oh, that’s alright. I make plenty of those.
        And that’s why I don’t give out my address on the internet. 🙂 I hope my readers enjoy it, but there’s no way that I’ll have a ton of rabid readers protesting outside my house if they never stumble upon it. 🙂

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