Be Strong

These tears are for you,
and these prayers too.
I worry so much,
I worry for you.
You don’t want to talk
You just shut us out,
those who want to help.
You say you’ll do this-
completely alone.
You say that you’re strong-
strong enough for this?
You have the scarred arms,
expressions of pain?
or for attention?
You can’t lose yourself,
not here on this earth.
These vices won’t work,
And they will fade too,
like the hurt, pain, grief,
when healing begins.
Why won’t you let it?
It’s hard to let go,
I know, understand.
But you hurt yourself
again and again,
hurting those who care.
Look up, beautiful,
The sunshine will come.
Look up, here it is,
will you stay with me?


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