Septifiria; The Becoming: Chapter 17

It took a bit of struggeling to lift the dead weight that was Gin Saha into the back of the car, then belt him in, but they managed it. Septi glanced back at Kin and Kane, who had taken the middle row.
“I’m sorry about this,” she said. “But time is one thing you don’t have on your side. Because C.A.M.M. has the law on their side,they could kill you or just make you vanish from the public records.”
“But we aren’t mutants,” Kin protested. “They wouldn’t-”
“They would,” Mes said. “With the new laws that the president put in place, they have access to all your medical records, which say that you have the extra gene.”
“We have the-” Kin trailed off, shocked. “But why did they kill our parents? They weren’t mutants either.”
“They were strong carriers of the gene,” Septi took up the explanation. “The C.A.M.M. agentslearned this, and to prevent them from having any more kids with the gene, they killed them.”
“How do you know so much about our family?” Kin’s question, though a very good one, surprised Septi.
“I’d rather not disclose my sources,” Septi said after a slight pause. Her heart had skipped a couple of beats and her fingers had gone white on the wheel, under her gloves. She took a shaky breath and glanced into the rearview mirror. “Guys, it’s late. Just relax. We can wake you up when we get there.” Kin shrugged and leaned back, and within fifteen minutes was asleep. Kane, on the other hand, stared out the car window, watching the signs closely.
“Whatcha doing?” Raram, asked who was sitting between him and Kin, asked. He started and looked at her.
“Just watching,” he answered shortly.
“Look, if you need to know, the VI4C is located just outside of Vegas,” Raram said, her eyes narrowing slightly. “Just don’t tell the C.A.M.M.ies that.”
“How do I know you’re not C.A.M.M. agents in disguise?” he asked, looking like a trapped animal, his eyes darting around and his body language tense, abrupt, and extremely uncomfortable.
“Oh, for crying out loud!” Raram said, drilling him with an intense stare. “Can the C.A.M.M.ies do this?” A teddy bear appeared in her hands, then it turned into a small snake, which curled up her arm, becoming a bracelet before vanishing. His eyes widened, and Raram sighed.
“What the heck was that?” he asked, very much shaken.
“An illusion,” Raram said, looking away from him. “That’s what I do.”
“So it wasn’t real?” he asked. Raram bit her lip, thinking of how to explain it to him.
“According to all of the senses, it was,” she said. “It’s a mind game, though, meaning that it’s technically not real. Really hard to explain.”
“I see,” he said, turning to look back out of the window. When Septi finally pulled into the VI4C’s driveway much later, his eyes bugged again.
“Oh, good. We’re home,” Raram said, yawning.
“Yeah,” Septi said, parking the car. “Could you guys help me carry him in?” she asked, glancing at Gin.
“I’ll help,” Kane said. Septi nodded.
“We’ll need someone to sit with him, in case he comes around. Pity that Dr. H is no longer with us,” Septi said sadly, pausing for a moment.
“Yeah,” Mes said, jerking awake from her dozing. She glanced around, then added, “so we need to get him out of the car somehow.”
“As if getting him in wasn’t bad enough,” Raram grumbled, crawling into the backseat and unbuckeling him. “What’s-your-name? Kane, you’ve gotta help me. I’m gonna pull him out of his seat, then push him. Point is, I need you to catch him.
“Alright,” he said, getting out of the car and leaning in to watch her. As she roughed Gin out, Kane held out his arms, to drag his brother out. Together they managed it, and Septi helped, slipping her arms under his shoulders.
Septi, Raram and Kane carted Gin throug hthe darkened hideout and into the family room. While they were doing this, Mes ran to get Ferinequell while Kin, who had been woken up while the others were getting her brother out of the car, followed the others. As the three that where bearing Gin layed him on the couch, Ferinequell and Mes walked in with cups of ice water in their hands.
“We should probably wake him,” Ferinequell said, setting the extra cup on the coffe table. “You say you just knocked him out?”
“Yes,” Septi said, cringing slightly. “He was trying to kill me! I had no choice.”
“Sure, you didn’t,” Ferinequell said, splashing Gun with the water. “And he wasn’t out cold for the entire car ride back.” Septi looked down, ashamed as Gin stirred. Ferinequell took the other cup of water from Mes and poured its contents out on Gin.
Gin’s eyes snapped open, revealing yellow irises.  and the water from his recent dowsing rose up into the air. Kin and Kane looked relieved that he was awake, but worried about what he might do.
“Where am I?” he asked, his voice a little sluggish and deeper than Septi had expected. Kin and Kane exchanged a look.
“With the VI4C,” Ferinequell answered, studying him. Gin turned his yellow gaze to him, his muscles all tense. The water atarted to gather in a tight ball above his head as he sat up.
“How did I get here?” Gin asked, his eyes darting around the room, lingering on the windows and the door.
“I brought you here,” Septi said, swallowing nervously. Gin stared at her for a moment, then his eyes narrowed in recognition.
“You!” he exclaimed, raising a hand to his neck, where he touched the bruise that was already beginning to show. “What did you do to me?”
“I knocked you out,” Septi said, her temper starting to rise. “Because you tried to kill me.” He smiled slightly, though he still seemed confused.
“So, who are you people?” he asked, swinging his legs off of the couch.
“Ferinequell told you already,” Septi said irritably. “We’re the VI4C, and organization of mutants-” the ball of water that Gin had been controlling subconciously stopped floating and fell onto the couch.
“You’re what?” he asked, his eyes darting around the room, pausing on each of the faces.
“Are you hard of hearing or something?” Septi was angry now. “I’m not going to repeat myself.”
“Sorry,” he snapped, then rubbed his forehead. “This is all too much.” Kin sat down beside her brother, and sat watching in silence.
“As I was saying, we’re an organization of mutants, made to protect mutants. I’m Septi, and these are some of the other members,” Septi paused to take a breath, and Gin looked up at her with an icey stare.
“We don’t need you to protect us,” he said. Septi laughed mirthlessly.
“Oh, no,” Septi said, her will like steel. “We won’t protect you. We’ll teach you how to fight. In return you’ll fight for us.”
“That’s it,” he said standing up. He was angry, and started to walk to the door. “WE don’t need you or your help. Come on, Kin, Kane.” Neither one of them moved as Septi glared at their brother, who had paused in the doorway.
“Where will you go?” Septi asked, her voice as sharp as her knives. “You don’t know where the VI4C is located, and even if you did, you don’t have a home to return to. Besides, I was able to knock you out, five seconds flat, without using my powers. IF I can do that, then you stand no chance against a fully trained C.A.M.M. agent with their anti-power drugs. LEave, if you think that’s wise, but don’t expect us to save you.” Gin turned to face her, and then let his eyes do another sweep of the room. Finally he looked at his siblings.
“Do you want to stay?” he asked, his voice a bit gruff. Kane hesitantly nodded, while Kin answered a little more enthusiastically.
“Shannaro! Gin, please. They’re really nice,” she looked pleadingly at her oldest brother, who seemed to struggle with his emotions.
“WE can give you a place to stay,” Septi added. “We have the extra rooms.”
“Alright,” Gin said, relenting. He walked back into the room and sat down on the couch, rubbing his head again. Septi, guessing that he was struggling with the after effects of her blow, blushed.
“Sorry about that,” she muttered. Just then she heard several shouts and loud thumps from the other room, and she started to move toward the door as Valencia came flying down the hall.
“Septi, Chaos has escaped,” she siad, an urgancy in her voice. “Ryan’s trying to follow him now, and-”
“Let him go,” Septi said, making a split second desicion. “He didn’t like us, and we didn’t exactly like him.”
“But protocol-”
“Forget protocol,” Septi said, feeling worn down. “Call Ryan back.” Val nodded and turned to walk away. Septi looked around the room, noting the Sahas’ confused looks, Raram and Mes’s relief, and Ferinequell’s look of concern.
“Are you sure that’s wise, Septi?” he asked, gathering up the empty and still full cups and moving to follow Val out of the room.
“Quite, Septi said. With a slight smile she added, “we can always keep tabs on him and kill him if he squeals.” Ferinequell said nothing, but left the room, followed by Mes and Raram, who began to chatter quickly as soon as they were in the hall.
“What’s that about?” Gin asked, staring at her as she opened her mouth to give an explanation, cutting her off.
“A former member, if you can call him that, decided that he didn’t like being part of the VI4C anymore,” Septi said. “He caused us a lot of grief, and it’s actually a relief that he’s gone.” She looked around the room and sighed. “Let’s get you rooms. Would you like to have them together, or with Kin and Kane on the Teen floor and Gin on the fighter’s floor?”
“All together,” Gin said automatically. Septi nodded and led the way in silence, unsure of what to say to this over-protective older brother. She felt exhausted, emotionally and physically, and just wanted to go cry herself to sleep. Opening the doors to one of the empty rooms she moved inside, where she opened the doors of the two adjoining rooms.
“Will these work?” she asked, moving back out to the hall. Gin looked over to her and nodded. “Good. I’ll leave you to get comfortable. Toiletries are in the drawer of the night tables. The bathroom is down the hall and to the left. Somone will come to show you to the kitchen at eight. Any questions?”
“Yeah,” Kin said, soming to stand beside Gin. “We don’t have any clothes other than these. What should we do about that?”
“At breakfast time you can give either Ferinequell or Valencia your sizes, and they’ll get you a couple of outfits that will get you through until you can go get your own clothing,” Septi said, leaning against the doorpost briefly, trying to hide her exhaustion. “Alright. Good night, sleep tight,” she said, pushing herself into a standing possition and turning to walk away, only to run into Mes. “What now?”
“What should we do with Chaos’s things?” Mes asked.
“Box them up,” Septi said, rubbing her temples. “We’ll figure out what to do with them tomorrow.”
“Alright,” Mes said, watching Septi. “Are you okay?”
“No, I most certainly am not,” Septi said, her temper flaring. “It’s late, and i need to get to sleep.”
“Oh,” Mes said, surprised by Septi’s outburst.
“Now if you’ll excuse me,” Septi said, brushing past Mes, feeling closer to tears than ever. As she escaped to her room she felt weak and vulnerable, and it scared her. ‘I hate feeling like this,’ she thought vehemently. ‘I hate the person who made me feel like this.’
As she shut the door to her room the flood gates broke. Sobbing she curled into a tight ball on her bed. ‘I can’t keep this up. I’m not strong enough.’
‘You don’t have a choice,’ she argued back. ‘You’re commander. Suck it up. You can’t let a little thing like this throw you off.’
“Who said it was little,” she wondered aloud, in a hoarse whisper. “If it was little, it wouldn’t hurt this bad, would it?”
‘You know that’s not necessarilly true, Septi,’ she thought. ‘Sometimes the smallest things hurt the most.’
She raised a hand to wipe away the tears, and paused. Tugging off the gloves, she threw them across the room, not caring where they landed. Then she wiped her face.
Slowly, feeling nothing but misery, she sat up and tugged her boots off, then unhooked her ammo belt. Dropping them to the floor and feeling disconnected from everything she began removing the rest of her uniform, dropping her wrist sheaths and clothes to the growing pile of stuff on the floor.
She rose from her bed and grabbed her pjs while refusing to look at the crumpled dress, laying on the floor near her dresser. Then she returned to her bed, thoughtlessly slipping under the covers, pulling them over her head.
Curling into fetal possition, she let the darkness surround her and the sobs take over her. When sleep finally claimed Septi, it was fitful, filled with nightmares.
When Septi woke up the next morning, it was with a start. ‘I didn’t set my alarm,’ she thought, panicking. Then she remembered that it was Saturday, and she didn’t need to set any alarms.
Sluggishly she rolled out of bed, as memories of the previous night resurfaced in her memory and she began to cry, yet again. Through her tears she located her brush on her bedside table, and she began yanking it through her hair.
Images flashed through her mind so vividly, almost like she was still standing right there, watching him kiss that girl. Like he was directly in front of her, asking her to compromise herself for him.
Septi wasn’t aware that she had thrown her brush until she heard it hit against the wall, and even then she didn’t connect that it was her brush that had made the dull ‘thunk’. ‘What’s the point?’ she thought, hopelessly. ‘No one loves me, or care about me, except for Jade, and my mother of course. Why do i care? Why should I care and let myself get hurt because of it?’ A knocking noise jerked Septi out of her self pity, and it took her a minute or two to connect that someone was knocking on the door.
“What is it?” she called, wiping her face on her sleeve and standing up. Whoever was knocking tried the door and found it locked.
“Septi, it’s me, Raram,” Raram’s voice was muffled as she spoke through the door. “What’s going on? It’s almost noon, and Ferinequell and Val are getting worried about you.”
“Give me a moment,” Septi said slipping off of her bed. As she did so she stepped on the pile of clothes from last night, but not her weapons, which made her look around. Her light had been turned off as well, and Septi couldn’t remember locking her door. When she’d unlocked and opened the door, she found a worried looking Raram standing just outside.
“Whoa, you look like poo,” Raram said, letting herself into the room. “You’re more cut up about Nito than you were letting on, aren’t you?”
“You think?” Septi muttered, moving back to her bedside to pick up the clothes. the weapons had deffinately been moved, and she looked around the room, trying to find them. “Do you know who was in my room last night?” she asked, locating them on her desk, dumping her dirty clothes onto the chair.
“I think Val said that she came in to see what was going on when you began to cuss loudly at five in the morning,” Raram answered casually. “You were apparently asleep.”
“Alright,” Septi said, sighing. She carefully returned the gun and taxer to their boxes, in the top drawer of her dresser. then she carefully laid the sheathed daggers on top of the boxes, being careful to not spill or touch any of the small containers she kept in the drawer. “I was just wondering.”
“Oh?” Raram said, watching Septi and taking a seat on the unmade bed. “Will you be okay?”
“I have to be okay,” Septi said, feeling anything but. “I’m the commander. I can’t give up now.”


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