Septifiria; The Becoming: Chapter 16

“Nito,” she said coolly, then remembered that he was going to be her only ride home. Her stomach turned at the thought of being so close to him, but she knew that she could disable him quickly if he tried anything, the two timing ane. “I’m done. I need to go.”
“Who was that?” he asked. Septi stared at him, shocked at his nerve.
“My work. I need to go. Please, can you just take me back home?”
“Will you stop being so evasive, damn it!”
“Evasive?” she asked shrilly. “I’m not the one sneaking around and making-out with girls other than the one I brought.I’m not the one who thinks that every girl should willingly make a whore of herself because I asked her to!” Septi was hysterical, but at this point, she didn’t care. “I want you to take me home, to my home, and then I don’t care what you do.”‘If only I had my knives,’ she thought, fighting tears. ‘I could do some damage. I could make him know this pain that he caused me.’
“But you wanted it,” he said stepping forward and taking her by the wrist. “Besides, I’m not the one who keeps secrets about who she is and what she does.”
“I do it to protect myslef and my friends!” she snapped, jerking free. “Don’t you dare touch me.”
“Fine,” he snapped back. “I’ll take you home. Then it’s all over.”
“What’s over?” Septi retorted. “There never was anything to begin with.” ‘Oh, gods,’ she thought. Anger was causing her to tremble and all she wanted to do was inflict pain on him.  ‘An angel, hm? Darned right. An angel of lies.’ He stared at her for a couple of moments and she continued to speak. “I bet you use those words all the time, don’t you? To get desperate girls to do what you want, right? Well, Nito, incase you’re wondering, I’m not desperate. I-”
“Then why are you still a virgin? Why haven’t you dated anyone since you came to the states? You’re eighteen and attractive, not an old fat nun!”
“I haven’t seen the point in dating,” she said, aware that her voice was going up several pitches. “Now take me home!”
“Fine,” he said, turning and walking quickly for the parking lot. Septi followed, fighting another wave of tears. ‘Don’t be such a girl,’ she thought. ‘He’s not worth it.’ Getting into the car, she vaguely noticed that he didn’t open the door for her, and he had barely waited for her to get in and shut the door before he pulled out.
They rode in silence for the entirity of the ride and when he pulled into the drive, he made no move to say good-bye. Septi got out and shut her door harder than necessary. Then she walked briskly to the door of the VI4C without looking back.
Letting herself in she paused in the front hall to shed her shoes. Then she called out, to see where everyone was.
“Hello? I’m home! Ferinequell? Mes? Raram?” Mes came down the hall and stopped dead, taking Septi in.
“What happened?”
“I’ll tell you later,” Septi said with a weak smile. “What does Ferinequell want me to do?”
“Get changed, then meet us in the library,” Mes said, looking worried. “You okay?”
“I will be,” Septi said. “I have to be.” With that she walked away, fighting another wave of tears. As she changed, the evening replayed itself in her head and she finally began to cry.
Grabbing a tissue she wiped her eyes and blew her nose, then slipped into the bathroom to wash her face.
When she was done she headed down to the library. She had one goal, nad that was to get the Saha boy to the VI4C without crying about Nito.
“Good, you’re here,” Ferinequell said. “Alright, so there are several details that I have discovered about the target that I haven’t shared yet. One, Saha is in a craze. He lost it when the CAMM agents came and destroyed his home and killed his parents. According to my sources he severely injured sevewral of them, and killed a few more.”
“Alright,” Septi said, still trying to keep a hold ofher emotions.
“Secondly,” Ferinequell continued as if Septi hadn’t interupted, pacing the library. “he has his two younger siblings with him. Both are most likely mutants as well, though it would seem that they don’t know that they are yet.”
“What are their names and ages?” Septi asked.
“Kin, his sister, is twelve, and Kane, his brother, is fourteen.”
“Alright,” Septi said. “Continue.”
“My sources tell me that they have set up camp in an alley in Sacremento.”
“Alright,” Septi said agina. “Street adress?” Ferinequell silently handed her a sheet of paper. Septi scanned it with her eyes, and nodded. In addition to the address it had directions and several landmarks.
“Take care, Septi,” Ferinequell said. She nodded and turned to go. Mes and Raram followed her, having a brief debate over who got shotgun.
Septi passed up her car in the garage, instead going for a SUV a couple of spaces down. Grabbing the keys from the hook, she slid into the drivers seat, while Raram took shotgun, leaving Mes alone in the middle row.
They rode in silence until they hit the interstate, which let Septi deal with her mixed feelings. One minute the silence was tormenting her, letting her thoughts race around, the next it was welcomikng, even inviting. She didn’t have to say what had happened eyt. If she didn’t cay it, it didn’t have to be true, did it?
“What happened?” Mes asked, finally. Septi took a shaky breath and Mes continued. “You said later, and now if later. Besides, you look like you’ve been crying.” Septi saw Raram nod out of the corner of her eye, watching her worriedly. Septi took a deep breath, fighting off the tears again.
“I found out that Jade was right about Nito,” she said, her voice hollow and hardly recognizable. “And-” a sob choked her, and several tears slipped down her cheeks.
“And what?” Mes asked gently.
“Right about what?” Raram asked at the same time.
“Right that he only wanted one thing,” Septi said. “Right that he’s got other girls…” her voice trailed off, and she switched lanes. “I saw him with someone. Kissing her.” ‘Easy does it, girl,’ she thought, seeing that the speedometer had gotten close to eighty. she eased her foot up, bringing it back to sixty-five.
“Oh my gods!” Raram exclaimed. “He was doing what?”
“I don’t think that Septi wants to talk about it, Raram,” Mes said.
“You’re one to talk,” Raram muttered.
“Damned right, I don’t want to talk about it,” Septi growled angrily.
“Watch your language,” Mes to Septi, who glared at her in the rearview mirror.
“Do you think I care?” Septi asked, trying to control her temper. “Jade was right. I’m not going to- I’m not- I can’t stay- I’m done with Nito,” she finally managed. Hot tears burned at her eyes and she blinked them back viciously.
Mes bit her lip and lowered her gaze to the back of Septi’s seat. Raram shifted uneasily in her seat, then broke the silence.
“So you told him to get out of your life?” she asked tenatively.
“That would be the gist of it,” Septi said. Then she laughed slightly. “At least I didn’t have my knives. He’s still alive.”
“Is that good or bad?” Mes asked hesitantly.
“Well, it’s good for him,” Raram said. “But it’s probably bad for Septi.”
“Bad? I have to put up with that-” she struggled with her choice of words for a couple of seconds, then Mes supplied a statement.
“Donkey’s behind?”
“That donkey’s behind in class for the next three years!” Septi bit her lip once and tried to calm down. Mes and Raram, who were giggling slightly over the statement, tried to calm down.
“But what about-? Won’t you have differant majors?” Raram asked finally.
“I don’t know,” Septi said. “This year we were both unnanounced majors. I don’t know what he’ll choose, and I don’t know what he’ll choose, and I don’t know where I’m going.”
“Well,” Mes broke in. “What are you thinking about? And what do you like?”
“I like History, but I don’t know what I can do with it. Im’ not Indy.”
“Yeah,” Mes agreed as Raram broke out into song.
“I am Indy! Indy Jones! I am Indy, Indiana Jones!” she sang to the tune of the theme song. Septi and Mes began to laugh, and Septi was glad for the chance.
“Raram, you are the only person I have ever known who can write her own lyrics to songs like that.” Mes said when they had finally caught their breath. Septi nodded as she took the exit that would take her to Sacremento, while Raram blushed.
“That’s a good thing,” Septi said, noticing Raram’s reaction.
“Alright,” Raram said, not entirely convinced.
“Okay, Raram, changing the subject, but I need you to please read me the instructions,” Septi said grabbing the notes Ferinequell had given her and handing them to Raram. She took the exit, and made her way onto the freeway, which she exited as soon as possible. “Now what?”
“Go left on K street,” Raram read. “And keep going until you find 15th street.”
“Does it say how far?” Septi asked, checking her odometer.
“No, just that it’s as far as you should go. he says you should go right on that, and that you should try to find somewhere to park out of sight of F street, G street alley.”
“Thanks,” Septi said watching street signs. When she finally came to 15th street, she turned right and soon after turned onto G street, where she parked in front of a house. Before she got out of the car, she turned to Mes and Raram. “What is our strategy? I’d say surround them, but we don’t have enough people for that, and there are a lot of places where they can hide, or escape.”
“Yeah,” Raram said, pausing to think. “I don’t think they’d really react if we just walked up, but -”
“Well, we could try what Gandalf did in the Hobbit,” Mes said, cutting over Raram.
“What did Gandalf do in the Hobbit?” Septi asked, her voice strained and tense.
“At Beorn’s place, he had the dwarves come two at a time until they were all there,”  Mes explained. “Though there are only three of us, one of use could go on ahead and call for the others.”
“When the Saha’s are comfortable,” Septi added, understanding. “You know, as much as I dislike Tolkien’s books, that just might work.”
“I don’t see why not,” Raram said. “So who’ll go first?”
“Anyone mind if it’s me?” Septi asked.  Both girls shook their heads.  “You two work really well together, so if we’re ambushed-”
“How likely is that?” Raram asked.
“Not very. If we’re ambushed, you too can cover my back, and I’ll cover yours,” Septi finished.
“Alright,” Mes said. “So where do you want us?”
“How about Raram on the other side of the entrance to the alley, and Mes stays on this side?” Septi said. They nodded and Septi added, “Raram, if you could illuse yourself invisible as you pass the entrance to the alley, that would be nice.”
“‘kay,” she said and the three of them got out of the car. They slipped into their places and Septi strolled down the alley, nonchalantly, then stopped dead at what she saw.
A girl stood with her back to Septi, her clothes filthy and hair, which was only chin length was knotted and mussed up, a street light reflecting it’s yellow light in the greasy locks. As Septi looked around the Saha comp, she noted that there was a lean-to (a piece of cardboard propped against a fence) and inside it was a boy, who appeared to be in his early teens.
Biting her lip, Septi strained her eyes, trying to see if the third Saha, the ‘crazed’ one, was anywhere near. Then she heard movement on the other side of the alley, and she glanced over.
There he was, pacing like a caged animal. His pupils were dialated and his shirt seemed to be stained with something.
“How long is he going to be like this?” the girl asked, sounding afraid and desperate. The younger boy shrugged, and Septi made a split second decision.
“The question is, how long has he been like this?” she asked, stepping into the light. The girl spun around and Septi raised her hands to show that she was unarmed. Or at least not holding a weapon.
“Who are you?” the boy asked, standing up and joining his sister.
“I’m Septi,” she said, lowering her hands and voice. “I’m with a group of mutants that would like to help and protect you, but we’re going to need your brother’s cooperation.” The girl glanced over at her oldest brother, who was holding and swinging a broken piece of plywood like a sword.
“You’re not going to get that, easily,” she said. Septi smiled slightly.
“I think I know how to,” Septi said. At that moment the oldest Saha became aware that there was a stranger talking to his siblings and he rushed Septi, holding the plywood threateningly. “Guys, sorry about this.” Septi dodged his attack and punched him hard at the base of the neck. He crashed into the fence, dropping like a rock and seemingly unconcious.
“Alright, who the heck are you and what did you do to Gin?” the girl asked.
“I told you, I’m Septi-”
“That can’t be your real name,” the other boy said quietly. Septi allowed herself a slight smile.
“We don’t use our real first names, usually,” Septi explained. “It helped ensure that your commrades are unable to turn you in to C.A.M.M.”
“Turn you in? Why would they do that?” the girl asked. Septi’s patience was running out quickly.
“Before I became the commander, the leader sent us on assignments that were outside of the law,” Septi said, her jaw tightening. “I do not approve of his actions, nor will I enforce his rules.”
“So you want us to come with you to join an illegal group of mutants, which you happen to be the commander of,” the girl stated, her eyes narrowed. “Sounds like fun.”
“Kin,” the boy hissed, his eyes darting between Septi and his sister. “She’s a stranger.”
“So?” his sister demanded. “Darn it, Kane! We don’t have friends or family now! All we have left now are eachother and strangers.” He didn’t say anything, but Septi could tell that he wasn’t completely convinced.
“Look, I have some friends with me, can I call them and we all talk about this?” Septi said, begining to feel uncomfortable.
“Sure,” Kin said, sitting down on the ground casually. Septi took a step back and turned to the end of the street.
“Raram! Mes!” she called quietly. They came down the street, looking every inch as uncomfortable as Kane.
“Hi yah!” Mes said, trying to act friendly.
“Sit,” Septi said. “We have to talk.”
“Bossy, bossy,” Raram said, taking a seat next to Kin. “Hey, I’m Raram.”
“Kin,” the girl said, smiling slightly. “So you’re with Septi?”
“Yeah,” Septi said, squatting next to Raram. “Raram and Mes are both with me.”
“So what’s this group called again?” Kin asked, her tone slightly challenging. Raram glanced at Septi, silently asking permission to answer. Septi nodded, seeing no reason to withhold the information.
“We’re called the VI4C and we live outside of Vegas,” Raram explained quickly and quietly. “There used to be a school with it, but now that’s gone. The VI4C’s goal is to-”
“Protect mutants from the idiots,” Septi said. “C.A.M.M. agents,” she added by way of explanation. Mes glared at her and shifted her weight.
“And you want us why? Me and Kane aren’t mutants,” Kin said.
“No, but we can’t just let you wander the streets alone, can we?” Septi asked, wishing to keep the secret that she knew about them.
“How did you know about us?” Kane asked suddenly.
“We’ve been keeping an eye on your brother,” Septi explained. “We noticed things that didn’t quite line up, and odd coinsidences that seemed to point to him. The only thing is, if we noticed, then it’s very likely that C.A.M.M. noticed as well.”
“We have to hurry,” Mes said quietly, surprising everyone. “Like Septi said, if we know, then C.A.M.M. knows.”
“Of course they knew!” Kin exploded. “It was those- those-” she couldn’t think of an applicable term, but continued anyway “-that killed our parents!”
“Come with us,” Septi urged. “WE can protect you, teach you how to hold your own, and take care of your brother.”
“Speaking of their brother,” Raram said conversationally. “What did you do to him?” Septi blushed.
“I just knocked him out.”
“Okay,” Raram said. “So we’ll have to carry him to the car, right?”
“Yeah,” Septi said. “Let’s get going guys.”
“Who said we’re coming?” Kin challenged.
“Do you want to stay out here all night?” Mes asked incredulously.
“I guess we don’t really have a choice,” Kane said to his sister in a whisper. Septi saw it and smiled. ‘No, I guess not.’


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