Doubts in Sub Culture (What I’d say to you)

Is there any way

I can prove this is all so real?

This isn’t empty.

I know what it seems,

but appearances deceive,

and this is for real.

I’m gonna say it.

If you don’t believe me,

that’s your problem.

It does seem shallow,

to those who don’t know, outside.

Welcome to my core

Welcome to my heart.

You caught me with my hand up,

letting it all go.

One meaning filled voice

surrounded by pretenders.

I know why you doubt-

I see the lies too.

Don’t you believe in the truth?

You say that you do.

How do you see it?

I’m trying to understand,

be patient with me.

How deep is this doubt

in the good of sub-culture?

Is there any good?

See, now I’m doubting.

You have so much influence,

do you not know this?


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