My Cries

Do you hear me cry?
Pain- a silent thief.
In the dark I cry,
completely alone,
though I am with them.
I won’t let them see
how my heart has broke.
Pain has taken much.
I can’t let them see
the damage hurt left.
Maybe it’s my pride,
maybe I haven’t changed
(I know that I have).
It isn’t from him,
so you can’t blame him.
Can’t you tell me why?
You have no reasons.
A deadly killer
possesses my heart.
Pain is a poison,
running through my veins.
I’m detached from all.
There’s a wedge between
those who care and I.
Silence has choked me,
cut me off from them.
Where are you in this?
Where is everyone?
Here, I’m surrounded,
but so far away.
You’ll never see this-
my hurt, my struggle.
Just keep pushing me,
maybe I’ll collapse.
You don’t know this hurt,
you’ll never know it,
not while I still live.
Why I defend you
I don’t even know.


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