Guinavere’s History (A Moment of Pain); Chapter 2

Heading through the halls in the vague direction of my dorm room, I got lost in my thoughts. My head was spinning and I had several questions about Dr. H.
“Guin? Guin?! Guin!” I suddenly realized that somone was calling my name. Spinning around, still a little surprised, I saw Sarah jogging to catch up. “Geez, don’t wait for me.” She said sarcastically.
“Sorry, I was thinking, and didn’t hear you,” I apologized, feeling slightly stupid.
“No biggy,” Sarah panted, finally caught up. “I know that when you get to thinking, I could stick a knife in your back and you wouldn’t notice.”
“Stick a knife in my back?”
“It’s a figure of speech.”
“Su-ure. And I believe you why?”
“I wasn’t aware that you did.”
“I don’t. So, how was your meeting with Chuck?”
“Good, I s’pose.”
“Good as in ‘he loves me’ good, or good as in ‘I’m doing well in class’ good?” I asked with a teasing smile.
“Guin!” she protested. “I swear, there’s nothing going on between us!”
“Like I believe that,” I said, shifting anxiously. “Tell me all about it while I put my books away. So did he kiss you?”
“No,” She snapped. “He just said that I need to work on my-“
“Kissing?” I supplied. She turned a bright pink, obviously fighting the urge to hit me.
“Hand-to-hand combat,” she growled through gritted teeth. “I swear, Guin, you are so-“
“Fun? Sarcastic? Amazing? It must be awesome if it’s not any of the others, just because-“
“Shut up!” Sarah roared, punching my arm hard. I stared at her coolly with a raised eyebrow and grabbed her wrist, twisting slightly.
“You don’t yelling?”
“No, I bloody well am not!” Her accent, which normally was vague, became more pronounced and her frizzy hair looked even frizzier. “You can’t just insult me like that and expect to get away with it! It’s preposterous! It’s rediculous! It’s-“
“Sarah, doesn’t preposterous mean the same thing as rediculous?” I asked, getting treated to a glare.
“Does it matter?” she bit her lip hard, drawing blood. I sighed and stared at her hard.
“Well, if you don’t mind repeating yourself-“
“You are amazingly daft, aren’t you?” Sarah’s anger had almost burned out, and in it’s place was shock. “You just don’t know where to stop, don’t you?”
“No, I don’t, do I?” I smiled serenly, and quickly opened the door to my dorm room and walked in. I groaned as I looked at the mess the other girls had left this morning, and again as I realized that one of my least favorite room mates was in the room.
“Hello, Guinavere,” Danae said from the shadows of the room. I smelled a bit (okay, a lot- the smell was strong) of fire and raw metals in the room, and I had a feeling that she was working on a “project”.
“What are you working on, Danae?” I asked this burly eleven year old. Last time Danae had tried this, the room had smelled horribly for weeks. The Greek girl smiled drily, and I sighed slightly.
“Just forging some good, strong blades,” she said, calm and cool, stepping away from the fire pit she had set up in the brick fireplace. The fire was roaring, and both Sarah and I were sweating, though we were still standing in the doorway. ‘How can she stand such heat?’ I wondered, realizing that Danae’s face was shiny with sweat. Her tunic was soaked beneath her prtective leather apron and gloves, and her cheeks were flushed with the heat.
“Uh-huh,” I said, stepping into the room. “Man, it’s like a sauna in here… except worse.”
“Of course!” Danae said, her dark eyes glinting, reflecting the fire. “This blaze is only 115 degrees farinheight or 46.1 degrees celcius. It’s just enough to make the metal soft, so I can work it easily while using only smallest amount of my power possible. For a traditional blacksmith, this wouldn’t do the trick.”
“Poor traditional blacksmith,” I muttered, dropping my books into my trunk and darting out of the room, ready to escape the heat and the smell. “Don’t forget to open a window when you’re done in here. Maybe two or three, never mind the fact that it’s Febuary.”
“Alright, Guin,” she said, her face blank, as she turned back to her work. I shut the door and breathed a sigh of relief.
“What do you have against her?” Sarah asked me quietly as we descended the stairs from the dorms. “She seemed like a pretty nice girl to me. Nothing hostile on the surface, or even on her mind’s surface- just common decency.”
“Decent, yes, perhaps,” I said, concidering it. “But when I talk to her, I get the feeling that there’s something deeper than all that. It’s like she’s an old woman, an ancient goddess, brewing with hate-” my voice trailed off as I went into daydream mode.
“Guin, snap out of it,” Sarah said, pulling me back to reality.
“Sorry,” I apologized, then shrugged. “I guess it’s just that there’s something pecluiar about her. I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s off.”
“She’s seen a lot of life from what I’ve heard,” Sarah said quietly. “That often times changes people- who they are, and how they see the world. It takes their innocence while ruining their lives.”
“I know all this,” I said bluntly.
“Yes, you do, but not as it applies to Danae. She may not be what you think an eleven year old should be, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t a nice girl.”
“I- you-” I faltered. Everytihng she said was so true. “I hate it when you’re right, Sarah.”
“Didn’t you know?” she asked, a mischievous look on her face. “I’m always right. I have to be, with my mind.”
“Uh-huh. And if by ‘always‘ you mean ‘never‘, then you got that right.”
“Okay, almost never. Remember, I was just right five seconds ago.”
“And now you’re wrong, because it was longer that five seconds.” We were laughing, unable to keep straight faces anymore. ‘This is how life should be thought of,’ I thought. ‘Laughter, smiles, and friends.’
“I agree,” Sarah said softly, sobering just a little. “I completely agree. It’s too short otherwise.”

I spat out the toothpaste and rinsed, finishing up my nightly routine. I returned to the room and sighed, staring at the others, sitting in their beds talking and giggeling, not tired yet. The room still smelled bad from Danae’s project, and I sighed again.
“Get in your beds, girls. Klara, the lights, please.” Klara was the next oldest girl in the room, at fourteen, and she was the only black girl as well. Klara smiled and blinked, and the lights went out. “Thanks, Klara.”
“No problem,” she said. I heard a bed creak and some scattered whispers. Then someone broke out into giggles.
“Guys, go to sleep,” I said, releasing a little bit of my power over the room. Rolling over I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I was in a concrete tunnel, running. Someone was chasing me. Who? I don’t know. How do I know this? I don’t know that either. All I know is that I can’t let myself be caught.
I turn to run, and trip, falling down. I catch myself with my hands, which are now bleeding, and my knees are bloody as well. The thing, or person, was catching up and I could hear it’s wheezy breathing.
I hastily stand, and try to run again, but it’s too late. The person has caught up to me. I scream but it clamps it’s hand over my mouth. I kick, trying to free myself, but I can’t. it’s too strong for me.
The grip tightens around my neck, and stars pop in my eyes. ‘I can’t breath!’ I think, panicky. Then it all fades.

I sit bolt upright in my bed, sweating profusely. Someone, one of the younger girls, is crying, telling me that we all had the same nightmare.

“Guys, calm down!” I say, releasing a bit more of my power. The horrors of the dream were alread fading from my mind, but some of the newer girls, who haven’t experienced this much, or at all, before, were still panicking. “It was just a dream. You guys know Oracle?” The girls aren’t listening to me. I close my eyes and speak again. “Klara, would you mind turning the light on?” No voice replied, but a couple of seconds later the light flicked on. I blinked a couple of times, semi-blinded.

“Guys!” I’ll admit that my voice rose at that point. I hate yelling, but it does do the trick sometimes. I slipped off my bed, and walked over to the youngest girl in the room, the one who was crying. It was just a dream. There’s no reason to panic.”

“It was horrible,” the girl I was holding (and in a rather motherly way, if I do say so myself) whispered. She was calming down a little bit, I could tell, but she was still extremely upset.

“Sh, I know, I know,” I said, gently stroking her hair, like my mama used to do to me before she died. “You know Oracle, Valencia?” she sniffled a little, and gave a weak nod. “That was just his dream. Sometimes, when he’s really tired, or having a really bad day, he’ll lose control of his power, and we’ll have the same dream he’s having.”

“Poor Oracle,” Klara said with a hushed voice. I stared at her, a sad smile on my face. “T’have dreams like that ‘un.” A slight murmur of agreement rippled throughout the room.

“I know,” I agreed with her sympathetically. “The thing is, most nightmares like that actually happened at one time or another in his life.” I glanced around the room quickly, taking in the looks of sympathy on all the faces.

Poor Oracle,” crooned Ally. ‘So that prep has a heart, after all?’ I thought, shocked. ‘I never would have thought it was possible!’ Her little group of friends were nodding in agreement. The only girls who wasn’t close to tears was Danae, I noticed. She had gotten out of bed and now stood by the window, looking out over the school’s property.

“Poor Oracle,” she said quietly, her voice hallow. “Why do we bother with pity here? So very few of us have lived ‘normal’-” she made finger quotes “-lives. We either came from a hard life or a privledged life. We either know pain and suffering, or we don’t.” There was a hint of anger in her voice, and I noticed that her hands had clenched into fists. Every girl in the room had frozen, and other than Danae’s voice, they were all silent.

“You speak sympathetically about Oracle,” she continued, speaking accusingly to Ally. “But you fail to think about what those of us in your own room went through, and are going through. You don’t know that horror first hand, and those dreams are your only glimps into some of our lives.”

“You have no right to talk to me like that!” Ally snapped, her moment of sympathy long gone. She had paled three or four shades while Danae was speaking, and I felt a glimmer of respect and a rush of affection for Danae.

“That’s right, pull the privledged brat card. Prove me right, Ally,” Danae smiled a humorless smile, trapping Ally with her words, and thoroughly enjoying every second of it. Ally’s friends were looking rather insulted, and the rest of us were looking approvingly at Danae.

“You go girl,” Klara muttered. Danae caught her eye and grinned.

“I think you’ll see, Ally, that the rest of the room agrees with me.”

“You don’t, do you, Rae?” Ally turned to appeal to her friends, a pleading look in her eyes. “Or you, Jess, or even you, Ash?” there was a chourus of ‘no’s from the aforementioned girls.

“Doesn’t count. They’re your friends. Though if someone richer, prettier, or more popular came along, they would ditch you in a second for her, wouldn’t they?” She eyed Ally’s friends, who looked extremely uncomfortable, but didn’t speak.

“Danae’s right,” I said suddenly, surprising even myself. “You girls live such shallow lives. You’ve never known what it’s like to live a hard life. You’ve never known what loss is like. Don’t even try to deny it. I was like you once, but that’s changed, thank God.” I stood, and joined Danae by the window, then Klara joined both of us. “We don’t like you acting like you’re the queen, Ally. You’ve been a little privledged brat too long.”

“We ain’t you’s slaves,” Klara said, slipping into her street talk. “Git over yourself, princess, or git out.” I raised an eyebrow at Klara, and she blushed, realizing that she was talking street. Ally gave a little laugh of disbelief.

“What? Get over myself or get out?” she asked incredulously. “Seriously?”

“Dead serious,” I said, crossing my arms. She gaped at me for a couple minutes, then shifted her gaze to Klara, then Danae. Seeing that none of us were joking, she drew herself up, and glared back.

“And how, may I ask, are you going to get rid of me?” She asked, her blond frosted hair frizzed a little as electricity sparked from her fingers. The metal from her bed quickly wrapped around her wrists then snaked up her arms.

“There are ways,” Danae said, a deadly tone in her voice. Ash, Rae, and Jess all tensed, and I quickly released some calming energy. They relaxed, and I leaned against the wall, feeling a little weak from the use of my power.

Just then the door opened and the Principle, Angel Peters, strode in. ‘Horrible timing, Principle,’ I thought. Glancing around the room, I knew that at the very most Danae, Ally, Ash, Rae, Jess, Klara, and myself would all be in trouble. If I could talk it right, then Klara wouldn’t be in trouble.

“What is going on in here?” Principle Peters asked, surveying the sceen. Seven of us sat or stood facing eachother. It was obvious from the body language in the room that there had been an argument. “Guinavere, do you have anything to say?”

‘Yeah, I wish you hadn’t come in so soon.’

“No,” I said quietly, glaring daggers at Ally, who had somehow managed to make herself look like a tragic heroine.

“Very well, then. Danae, please release Ally. Then I want you, Guinavere, Klara, Ally, Ashlin, Rachel, and Jessica to come with me. To my office.” Danae did as she was told, and all but Valencia trooped out of the room.

“I’m sorry you’re getting hauled iin for this, Klara,” I whispered. She shrugged, and I continued to speak. “I’ll try to get you out of trouble… after all, you had nothing to do with this.”

“It’s no biggy,” she whispered back. “I’ll take the punishment. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to hit Ally.” I smiled, then quickly returned to my serious state.

“All the same, you shouldn’t be punished for something you didn’t do.” We had reached the Principle’s office, and she had opened the door and was ushering us in.

The seven of us stood crowded in the tiny office, staring either at our feet or across the desk, at Principle Peters. Ally and her minions were giving us looks, flipping their hair, and murmering things about “unfair”. I sighed and shook my head, knowing that she could know nothing about the things that are truely unfair.

“So,” Principle Peters said, leaning slightly on the desk, almost in a challenging stance. “I want you to explain what was going on, one at a time.” She bit off each of the last four words, and I couldn’t help feeling nervous the way she said it. “Guinavere Evens, you first.”

“Well,” I started hesitantly, trying to choose my words wisely. “After we woke up with Oracle’s nightmare, I went to comfort Valencia. We all got to talking, and Danae said something very true about Ally, and how she doesn’t know pain or suffering.”

“I know pain,” Ally muttered sulkily.

“Not the kind of pain that Danae was talking about, Ally,” I snapped. “And you know it.”

“Yeah, well I-“

“That’s enough out of you,” Principle Peters said to Ally. “I believe it was Guinavere’s turn to talk?” Ally shut up, needless to say, defiantly. “Please, continue, Miss Evens.”

“Ally took offence, and Klara and I spoke up in defense of Danae. Then Ally went to shoot Danae with a lightning bolt, and Danae wrapped her in metal from her bed, and as a form of defence I calmed her friends, and then you came in. Klara really did nothing to deserve punishment.”

“Alright. Danae, what about you? What did you do? And why?”

“I did just what Guin said I did. And I did it because someone needed to briing that brat down a notch or two. I swear, the funes from the dye she uses have gone to her head.” Klara and I couldn’t restrain giggles. Ally scowled, but Principle Peters smiled.

“That’ll be quite enough, Danae. If that is true, then you know what the punishment is for fighting.” Danae shrugged.

“I’ll take whatever punishment you want to give me,” she said, standing proudly. “It’ll be worth it.” Principle tilted her head and stared at Danae thoughtfully.

“Alright, Ally, now it is your turn. What is your side in all this? If you lie, it will be much worse for you.” Ally stiffened noticably and glared at us yet again.

“Well, when we all got woken up from that stupid nightmare, we started talking. Danae started shooting her mouth off about me- lies, jealous, petty, stupid things- and I got mad. Those two-” she spun to face us, all overly dramatic, in my opinion “-took Danae’s side. I was just about to fry that little-” her mouth worked furiously as she tried to censor herself. All the same, a rather crude name goes right about here “-when you walked in.”

“If you had tried, you would have just managed to strangle yourself,” Danae said with a smirk.

“Would not-” Ally began to protest. Principle stepped in at that point.

“That is beyond enough,” she snapped. She turned to Klara, Ash, Rae, and Jess. “Is everything said true?” They nodded.

“Then Danae, Guinavere, and Ally have kitchen and bathroom cleanup for the next month. Now all of you had better get back to bed.” We all filed out of the office to do as she had said.


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