Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time
we shared almost everything-
a faith, my daddy,
a God, our purses,
a church, a town, all our toys.
Once upon a time
we were best of friends.
You could have been my sister,
we were just that close.
Once upon a time,
but now that time is long gone.
We’re much older now,
everything’s changing.
Many tragedies have occured,
nearly all is gone.
I don’t have a dad,
neither of us can say that
we have the best friends
that this world can give.
Maybe we haven’t been close
for several years.
Maybe we should have,
but we didn’t. It’s too late
to regret the lost.
Now you’ve gone your way,
our paths have sepperated,
and I’m on my own.
Despite these, you’re loved.
I love you and God loves you.
You may not feel it,
you’re loved, trust me.
God is there, through this big mess,
 he loves you so much.
His love is complete.
I know you doubt this, but if,
just if, it’s all true
there is so much more.
I just wish I could give you this,
all I’ve found in him.
I’m praying for you,
just don’t give up on our God.
He’s your secret love.
He’ll persue you, girl,
and he’ll love you forever,
just don’t give up.
If there was one way
Just one way to give you this
love, I would do it.
Now you’ve left this town,
once upon a time is gone,
but you are my friend.
You found all the lies
this world has to offer-
it’s not glamerous.
Lies hide ugliness,
and it’s all come to the light.
I’m so, so sorry.
No one should have this.
The die fell, and you lost all,
all is gone but God.
Darling, hold on tight.
I know you don’t believe in him,
but he still loves you.
God is indeed good.
I know that life is so hard,
that it’s not perfect.
Life does suck, a lot.
Life hurts us all. Sin rules earth,
this isn’t God’s fault.
Honey, hold on tight.
You’re gonna survive this pain.
God will get you through.
Once upon a time he came,
he lived, died and rose again,
just for you, sister.
One day he’ll come back
like Prince Charming he’ll be here,
slaying that dragon.
One day he’ll save you
from that tower you’re locked in.
You are a princess,
so very precious.
Worth far more than anything.
He’ll carry you off
into the sunset,
on his horse, in his strong arms,
back to his palace.
Don’t give up on him,
he’s on his way here for you.
Don’t give up on him
as a fairy tale.
He’s more real than we can know.
Just hold on tightly.

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