Tears Cried

You leave me in tears
When you say those words.
One more thing to go wrong,
One more thing to hurt me.
You say that you love me,
but do you even care?
Would you help me,
If it meant your pain?
You’re too wrapped up
in your own life.
You said to call,
That you’d be there, if I needed to talk
I dialed your number
and waited.
There was no answer,
because you’re avoiding my calls
You’re so in love with her, you say.
You have to have her
You need her and want her.
She’s controlling you, and you don’t see
You left mom and went south
to meet the first one
You broke your family’s heart
but do you care?
We found out, though.
God is good to us.
He took care of us,
When our hearts were breaking
You say a lot,
but nothing’s true.
It’s all a lie.
You don’t care about us, not at all.
Your lies have been exposed for what they were
every single time.
Why do you still try?
Why can’t you see the light?

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