Love of Life

When you look out your window,
what do you see?
A world of wonder-
or of hate, despise, and greed?
How can this world,
so beautiful,
contain such sin?
How can you look at it,
and say that word?
How can you hurt that person,
while surrounded by God’s creation?
What is wrong with the Earth,
that we have to fight?
Can’t we get along,
in peace and harmony?
Who cares what you have!
Possessions aren’t important!
Not when you have God’s mercy and grace,
and are surrounded by His creation.
The grass is green, the sky so blue,
The birds are calling out to you.
‘Come out, they’re saying,
‘Breathe the air, feel the breeze,
the fields are inviting,
the trees swaying.’
The breeze will play with you hair,
It will caress your face as only it can.
Isn’t it wonderful to be alive?
Why would you take that from another,
When you have been blessed?
This is my prayer, my cry, my plea-
God, hear me now,
Show the wicked your mercy,
Show them who made them,
Show them your face.
God, this is my dream, my hope, my prayer-
Show them the love that you’ve given me.

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