Cleanse Me

Pride of the eyes,
lust of the flesh-
a battle that humans alone
can never win.
God, the overcomer,
God, the Savior,
Kill this covetous monster.
Beat him down.
God, the forgiver,
God, the true lover,
Shut my eyes,
show me true love,
In your arms
God, the light of the world,
God, the cleanser,
clean my heart
purge it of all that isn’t of you.
God, my God,
I can never win this war
without you, I stand no chance.
Come down and cleanse me, God
Show me truth, joy and love.
‘God, help me,’ I cry.
‘Save me, take me,
mould me, love me.’
God, I need you
I have no chance without you.

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