Hello everyone! These are my Haikus, in case the title didn’t give it away. 😉 Anyways, For those who are wondering, I tend to write poetry when I’m feeling like a drama queen. Hence the end-of-the-world sounding note of tragedy. These were written over a long period of time, to different people, usually. I did leave out a few that I din’t feel up to sharing- ones that were too personal, or told too much about me. I have them aranged in the order that I wrote them in, so you can almost trace the story of my life. I hope you guys enjoy them!
Must you haunt my mind?
Engrave your face in my mind?
You are hurting me.

Boy meets girl once more,
Can’t he see what he’s doing?
He’s lost all his friends.

Low Expectations
So very fatal to me
I am now dieing

Betrayed by a friend,
Completely crushed by her words.
Why does she do this?

‘Who are you?’ I ask.
‘You’re not who I was friends with.
She is now long gone.’

Dreaming of someday
Hope for tomorrow with you.
Forever in love.

People always talk,
matchmakers, busybodies,
Are interfering.

Everything is gone,
Taken away, wrenched away.
I need God’s healing.

Broken into bits.
Oh my God, who can I trust?
Only you, my God.

Many tears have I cried,
many words, spoken in vain.
A friendship now gone.

Many times, wisdom,
Ever elusive; always
Now I search for it.

Greatest of all gifts
Are Pallas Athena’s fruits.
Wisdom guides my hand.

I never thought that
this dream of mine could ever
come true, but it has.

You didn’t give up.
Thank you so much for your love;
I am not worth it.

Your mercies are great
Oh God, my God, who loves me.
I can’t match your love.

How many tears cried?
And still you don’t see this pain.
Are you my friend still?

Do you even care?
You’ve hurt me, broken my heart.
Do you even care?

Sin chains me to the earth
Earth- home of humanity.
Men mean many sins

I bow my head to
pary. I read my Bible to
get close to you, God.

I dream but I can’t.
I can’t reach the sky with chains
Chains that hold me tight.

In a little while
In a little while will I
see you one more time
For all eternity
Shall I see you. Forever.
Forever I will.
To my Great Grandparents who have passed on

How short are our lives
In the grand scheme of things?
Only a moment.

I can still hear you.
You’re singing that song to me.
Just a memory.

You are so happy now
At the feet of our Jesus
Yet I am so sad.

Right now, I am weak.
Just for this moment weakness
Has over come me.

You say that I am
So full of passion and love
Do you see me now?
Weak, helpless, dead to
the joy that I once possessed.
Oh, where did it go?

My God, I cry out
This load has become too much
To carry alone.

I dream of flying
The world falls away below
A living toy world
The wind in my hair
Stroking my face and body
I am oh so free.

I am watching you
All the words that I can’t say.
I worry for you.

I feel so frozen
Locked in time forever more.
No producing fruit.

Here is my heart now
Spread wide open for the world
Both to look and see.

These are my struggles,
My pains, my heartbreak, my life.
This is who I am.

All friendly smiles, hugs.
This is all so fake, plastic.
I must let you in.

Right now I know that
I can’t hide any longer
Behind all my masks.

The coice will be mine
Will I carry my burdens?
Or give it all up?

Will I help them heal?
Those who need it more than I?
Or am I selfish?

This is all that’s left
Photos from a better time.
We were friends back then.

You made the choice,
but you blamed it all on me.
Now hate works with lies.

Give meone reason,
Why do you hate him so much
I beg you, my friends

I’m all alone
Remembering the fun times
That we used to have.

Everything is gone.
I want to stop pretending.
Why can’t you see it?

How can I say it?
For me to choose to say that,
good-bye forever
It is very hard.
It hurts so badly knowing
all that we once had.
They say that it won’t
hurt so bad if I say “no,
I won’t let you in.
No, you can’t hurt me still,
because you are not my friend,
just an acquaintance.”

My finger on the pulse
our culture has gotten sick,
there’s only one fix,
For a group so high.
Drug, sex and drink have done this.
There’s only one fix.
My God, come to us!
Everything’s so totaled,
crushed, broken, gone,
but you can fix it.
Make it as it should have been.
Only you, Lord God

Why do you escape?
Are you hurting, broken, too?
Or is it freedom?

It’s a plastic world,

I find myself pretending.

who am I really?



When I look at you

I can only see my pain
The pain from the past



Eternal struggle,

Evil bears many faces,

but Aslan conquers.



Broken buildings here.

Just shells of what they were once,

of what they can be.



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