Guin’s History; A Moment of Pain: Chapter One

Chapter One
As I collapsed into my bed after a long day of intensive training, I heard a voice in my head. Admittedly, this wasn’t the first time, nor would it be the last. And no, I’m not crazy. So back to the voice.
‘Guin, was that exam today in powers control hard, or what?’ Okay, so before I tell you my response to this voice of mine, perhaps I should explain.
Who am I? I am Guinavere Evens, better known as Guin. I am a mutant- a tamer, calmer, and relaxer. My friend, who I was mind speaking with, is Sarah- a mind reader and telepath and a lot of fun to be around. What powers exam? Well, I am at a school for young people who are very gifted. AKA, mutant kids.
‘It wasn’t as hard as I was expecting Professor Yoseb to give us,’ I replied, by simply thinking it. I knew that she heard me, so it was no big deal that it was quiet time in the dorms.
‘Old Yoseb is losing his touch,’ Sarah thought with a giggle. ‘He’s, what, ninty?’
‘Actually, I think he’s only fifty,’ I thought, trying to be respectful of my teacher, and also my usual honest (haha) self.
‘Like I said,’ Sarah responded cheerfully. ‘Old and senile.’ I smiled in spite of myself.
‘You are so cruel to him, Sarah!’ I mentally scolded her gently. ‘Hey, what’s with that teacher’s assitant, or whatever he is, making eye at you?’ I smirked slightly as her embaressment came in on the telepathic connection.
‘Who? you mean Chuck?’ she asked, obviously humiliated. ‘Nothing. I swear to… to whatever you want me to swear by, there’s nothing between us!’
‘So you’re…?’ I let the question hang, but being sure that she caught my drift.
‘NO!’ she screamed at me. ‘I’m not… he’s not… we’re not… He’s too old for me! It would be just far too weird.’
‘What, you don’t want to do that?’ I persisted, enjoying the fact that I had something over her, finally.
‘Guin!’ she protested, flustered and hot with embaressment. ‘No! I do NOT want THAT with HIM!’ Her thoughts were coming in as screams, and I was begining to get a headache.
‘But you do want that with someone, I thought, tiredly. She was silent for a couple of minutes, and I was just starting to doze off when she replied.
‘Maybe I do, and maybe I don’t. I fail to see what business it is of yours.’
‘You do, so don’t deny it. I’m getting tired. Talk to you tomorrow, okay?’
‘Sure. G’night.’

I sighed as I closed the bathroom door and headed back to my room. I was clean again, and rather relieved that the hot water in the shower had lasted through the whole fifteen minutes. After this, I had to be the cleanest girl on my floor.
Okay, I’m sure you must be wondering where I am. I’m at a school, like I said before, but it’s a boarding school. And while there are a few commutors, most of us live on campus.
So why am I the cleanest girl? Well, for one, I’m one of the oldest, and the most concerned about how I look. For another, hygene and cleanliness are just extremely important to me. I loathe filth, and will not tolerate it on me, or in my personal space. Now, to get back to the story.
I set down my stuff on my bed, and quickly dug out my hair brush. Unwrapping the towel turban from my head, my long, red, knotty, and damp hair tumbled down. Just as I finished brushing out the rats-nest-that-is-my hair I heard some of my roommates stirring.
Putting my stuff away, I dug out my school stuff for the day and left the room. That’s another thing about me; I’m not fond of the gossip that my roommates share. Seriously, they’re worse than some of those gossip magazines that you see in the checkout aisles in grocery stores.
I made amy way down to the dining hall, and sat down in the far end. I wasn’t here to eat, as they didn’t start serving breakfast for another half hour, but it was nice and quiet, perfect for me to finish my homework. I spread my papers out in front of me, and sighed. As a junior in highschool, I have a lot to worry about. Add to that that I’m a member of of kind of people who the government is trying to destroy, and- well, you get the picture.
I had almost finished my homework when Deb, the head cook, came in to chase me out. She was this wonderful woman, a little plump and an amazing cook. While she’s not a mutant, she’s extremely pro-mutant, and extremely motherly to us students.
“Guin, if you’re going to sit in here doing nothing, I’m going to put you to work,” she teased. I laughed.
“I was doing homework,” I responded, tossing my homework into my bag. “You’d make me sacrifice my grades for an extra pair of hands in the kitchen?” I teased back. She laughed, and gently swatted my shoulder.
“Get out, you,” she said gently. I left quickly, heading towards the students lounge, where I ran into Sarah, who looked completely exhausted. She smiled slightly at me, and croaked a “good morning”, barely looking awake.
‘What’s wrong?’ I thought. ‘Tired from your date?’ She blushed.
“What date?” she asked me. ‘I did not!’ she added, silently.
“Are you sure?” I asked. ‘It must be nice, having someone pay so much attention to you,’ I added, smiling slightly.
“Guin, stop. Now,” she said, her voice loud. Several of the other students whipped around, startled. ‘Nothing happened, and nothing will happen,’ she thought.
“Sure,” I said, keeping my voice even. ‘I wouldn’t count about that, Sarah. I mean, you’re only two years away from being a legal adult here. After that, there’s not that much of a difference, I mean, he is only nine-teen.’
Nothing will happen,’ she thought spoke again. She quickly punched my upper arm, lightly. Just then, Chuck walked into the room.
“Breakfast is being served,” he announced, smiling slightly. I smirked, and gave Sarah a ‘look’. She glared at me, making mental death threats to me. Then she turned on her heal, ready to storm out of the room. She only got three steps before Chuck had found her. “Hey, Sarah…”
‘What did I say? He’s making eyes at you again!’ I thought, raising an eyebrow. Sarah glanced around at me, her eyes full of murder, then she glanced back to Chuck.
“Hey, Chuck, what’s up?” Sarah smiled warmly at him, though I caught a hint of vemon in her voice.
“Nothing too much,” he shrugged slightly. “I was just wondering if you could stay for a few minutes after class? I have something important that I need to talk to you about.”
“I didn’t exactly mean next week,” Chuck smilled and gripped her upper arm, then left the room, passing me. “Guin.”
“Chuck,” My voice was cool, though there was a smile a mile wide on my face once he was out of the room.
“Oh, shut up,” Sarah snapped.
“I didn’t say anything,” I said innocently.

I was standing beside Dr. Hamilton, the school’s physician and science teacher, taking notes on what he was doing. This was my normal afternoon study- health, a little anatomy, a little herbology, and a review of my chemistry and biology. And all that’s not even including the powers part of my studies. Dr. H is the only one at the school with a power somewhat like mine, and his isn’t even halfway close to mine.
So my power- taming, calming, and relaxing- is really odd, and practically no one gets such a useless power. Why do I call it useless? It’s no good for combat, and most people here measure what good a power is by how well it works in combat. What is Dr. H’s power that it’s the closest? He’s got a medical related power- with the ability to spead up the body’s naturally healing. Like I said, the closest, but no where near at the same time.
With my power, you may get care from me, but don’t always count on TLC. If anything, TRC is what you ought to be waiting for, and possibly that in OD. You see, I have a little control over my power, but not very much, and not for long. I’m supposed to be working on that one. Key word being ‘supposed’.
Back to class. Dr. H is explaining about anesthetics (which I want to work with), and the dangers of using them. Quite an interesting lesson, actually.
“So, is it a good idea to use them?” I asked, my mind whirling. “If there are so many dangers?”
“Life is so full of dangers- so full that we should all be dead if the ‘if’s became ‘are’s.” He stared at me solemnly, and I squirmed a little under his gaze. “It all depends on your point of view. They are most effective for putting people to sleep, a deep sleep at that. They aren’t lethal, unless you use them in excess.”
“So you advise using them?” I asked, tryign to work out what he said.
“Only if unavoidable.” I sighed, and stared at my hands.
“Doc, this is confusing me…” I mumbled, half hoping that he wouldn’t hear my admission that I’m not perfect. As if he didn’t know already. I had gassed us out of his lab when he had attempted to teach me how to make my own antidotes. Something about too much of one substance…?
“It does to some professionals as well. This is a very controversial subject in the medical world.”
“Sounds like it,” I said, biting my lip.
“Guinavere, if you want to be a nurse, there are some things you need to know.”
“I know.” I sighed, and rolled my eyes slightly.
“Guin, don’t take that tone with me,” he said, sounding very much like a father, although he was single and had no kids to my knowledge. “I’m trying to help you be the best you can be.” I stared at him, shocked by the sadness I saw in his eyes, unable to look away.
“Doc,” I said quietly. “What are you going to do? I’m a hopeless case when it comes to medicines. I like helping people, but no more talent than a normal person.”
“You are not hopeless!” he said vehemently. “I don’t expect you to know everything. I know that you have your limitations and I don’t think anything less of you for them. I probably knew less than you know now about such thingwhen I was your age.” I blinked and looked away, fighting a sudden rush of tears. I hate crying, and was humilated that he was seeing me like this.
“But you have it easy,” I muttered, drying my eyes, praying that it was inconpcious, on my sleeve. “What with your powers and all.” Doc snorted and I glanced up at him, shocked.
“Is that what you think?” he asked quietly. “My power was more a hinderance than a help. I had little to nocontrol over it until after I turned twenty-five. A phsycic helped me get things starightened out, but I always had to fight the urge to cheat in medical school. My power proved to be a temptation, time and time again, and it was a deadly one, too.” I raised an eyebrow, shocked and confused.
“It’s deadly?”
“All powers are deadly,” Dr. H stared at me seriously. “If one overuses one’s power, it has te same effect as overdoing a workout. Your body can’t handle the stress and will shut down, creating a lack of oxygen to the brain. If you are lucky, you’ll go into a coma. However, the chances of you realizing what is happening and stopping yourself are very slim.”
“So overusing your power is like working yourself to death?”
“It is more like suffocating yourself,” Dr. H turned away, and pulled out several pill bottles from a cuboard. “What are these pills for?”
“I don’t know,” I said quietly. “I can’t see their lables.”
“Oh,” He smiled slightly, and turned them the right way. “See, even professionals make mistakes.”
“Not as big as mine,” I muttered.
“You’re thinking about the exploding antidote?” he guessed. I blushed and nodded. “Accidents happen. Don’t be embaressed about that. Now, I want you to write down what these pills are, and what they’re used for, then you may go.”
“Alright,” I started to write, then stopped. “Hey, Doc, I have a question.”
“Yes, Guin?”
“Do you think I’m good enough to pass the SAT?”
“Yes. In fact, I think you’ll do exceptionally.”
“I’m just worried. I feel like there’s so much I’m missing. And there have to be people who are smarter than I am. Lots of them.”
“Is that what you’re upset about?” He asked, pausing in his paperwork.
“Yes, a little.”
“Guinavere, you’ll do wonderfully. Believe me, you know more than most girls your age. Though I highly doubt that the SAT and ACT cover fighting techniques and defense moves.” I giggled slightly, even though I was still a nervous mess, and glanced down at my paper.
“For some odd reason, a lot of girls my age don’t need those.”
“No, but you’re special, aren’t you?”
“I’m a mutant, just like you and everyone here, if that’s what you mean.” I knew that I sounded slightly bitter, and bit my tongue.
“Guin, yes, you’re a mutant. But you oughtn’t be ashamed of it! You are who God made you, and you are blessed with a useful power. Sure, you’re different, but that isn’t a bad thing.”
“But they hate us!”
“We are hated because they fear us. And why do they fear us? Because they don’t know us.”
“They don’t know us because they don’t give us a chance!” My voice had risen a couple pitches, but I didn’t care. I was angry, but very little of it had to do with the subject at hand. “I’m different, strange, odd, a freak!” Dr. H grabbed my shoulders and looked at me straight in the eye.
“You are not a freak! Don’t you believe it for one second, Guinavere Evens. You’re special.”
“I just want ot fit in for once! I can’t fit in with normal people because once they learn of my power, they ditch me! and if I don’t tell them the truth, it’s not a true friendship, ‘cus I’m lying to them! Besides, I don’t fit in here, because my power’s so weak.”
“Guin, if your ‘friends’ don’t see what an amazing person you are, then they’re not true friends. That applies to both mutants and non-mutants. Yes, some will hate you, but that’s not your problem. It’s theirs.” Silent tears were streaming down my face now, and Dr. H wiped them away.
“Doc, it’s great when you say that, but I care about what people think and say… I care.”
“I don’t know a single person who doesn’t,Guinavere. But I do want to tell you, you are perfect the way you are.” I buried my head in his shoulder, leaning over the desk, still crying. When I had gotten control of myself, I raised my head to speak. “Thanks. You’re like a dad to me, Doc…. you know that?” He nodded, his smile frozen, a queer look on his face. He backed away, looking and acting extremely nervous. Silence fell for a couple of seconds.
“That’s very sweet of you, Guinavere,” he said, his voice sounding very strained. ‘What’s that about?’ I wondered. ‘It’s like that one thing I said offended him or something.’
“Look, Doc, I’m sorry if I offended you or something,” I apologized, speaking carefully.
“You didn’t offend me,” he said with a sad smile now on his face. I silently mouthed ‘Okay’. “Whatever gave you the idea?”
“You’re acting a bit odd,” I said, picking up my pen and looking ack at my paper.
“Am I? Ignore me.”
“If you insist,” I said kiddingly, trying to ease the moment. He laughed, and his smile became a little more natural.
“Actually, I don’t.”
“Alright,” I said, smiling and finishing my assignment. “What ever you say, Doc.” I gave him a cocky wink-salute combo as I turned in my paper, looking like one of those WWII actresses. All I was missing was the dress and the fluffy hair.
“Dissmissed,” he said, after glancing at his watch. I nodded and left, grabbing my school bag on the way out.

4 thoughts on “Guin’s History; A Moment of Pain: Chapter One

  1. Brava Love! I want to read more about Oracle, alright? I didn’t see any problems with grammar other than multiple people speaking in the same paragraphs.

  2. Thank you, thank you. Yes, cus he appears in Septi’s history….. and where did you see the multiple peopl speaking in the same paragraph?

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