Guin’s History; A moment of Pain: Intro

January 16, 1989
Dearest Philip,
It is my joy and duty to inform you that you are a father twice over. Our little Guinavere is now a big sister to Patrick, who is two years her minor. Patrick, like Guin, has your eyes.
Philip, in light of your new (and dangerous) job, and with a heavy and regretful heart, I suggest that it would be in the best intrest of our chilren if we were to end this marriage. Philip, darling, I do love you, and will always love you, but it would be better, perhaps, if you were to vanish from the lives of the children now, so that they wouldn’t suffer if (in the course of your work) anything happened to you.
I hope that you are well, my love.
I love you.
Post Script- If they are both mutants, I shall send them abroad to you for the mutant school you were telling me about. As we both know, there is very little chance of them not being muants. I only regret that they’ll have to face the proscution in this world. The point is- you may see them sooner than you think.

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